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Relationships are extremely important to me. I choose them carefully in the hope that they are both rooted in inspiration and trust. My relationship with my students is one that began 18 years ago in a small dance studio at Truman College. It was in this small, hot studio where the mirrors were fogged and was exhausted, dripping with sweat, and yet smiling from the inside out met Artistic Director Kevin Iega Jeff and Co-Artistic Director Gary Abbott. The work being done in that space was spiritual and it was at that moment inspiration hit, ignited my spirit and set me on the path that would forever change my life. This work has been passed on from generation to generation through our family and I pray our studio creates that feeling for you as the student and a lasting relationship of our own.

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My Philosophy

At Nicole Clarke Springer’s Studio, we will stay enthusiastically involved in your development and future. I have many times over experienced the great exhilaration and deep sense of honor, that I believe every artist experiences, when the lights dim, the curtain opens, and the spotlight is on you, or your dance troop. I also know the sense of accomplishment that takes place when one can walk away with the astounding feeling of ”Job Well Done”. We are committed to your success.

Our commitment is to enhance your professionalism and presentation in performing arts. Whether you are in need of a creative choreographed dance programme for Theater, Community, School or, in need of further development as a Master Dancer, our program can help. I have found in my career as a “Master Dancer” that commitment and dedication are essential to success.



Degrees, Certifications & Awards

B.S. in Arts Administration-Dance from Butler University
2 Time Butler University’s Ballet’s Outstanding Performer

Areas of Specialties

Traditional Jazz / Traditional African-American
Latin / rhythm
Experimental / freestyle
ethnic dance
Liturgical dance
and many more…



Through her years, with Deeply Rooted production and other dance production studios, Nicole Clarke Springer had many achievements and accolades. Some of the highlights of her career include:

  • Performed with artists such as Roberta Flack in Kevin Iega Jeff’s Flack as well as Jennifer Holiday in the world-renowned Penumbra Theatre’s Black Nativity.
  • Choreography on “Legacies,” Shakin’ the Mess Outta Misery written by Shay Youngblood and directed by Pegasus Theatre Chicago’s Producing Artistic Director Ilesa Duncan, with music direction by Shawn Wallace
  • Choreography on “Femme”. Femme was featured, and widely admired, in Deeply Rooted’s Twentieth Anniversary concerts
  • Choreography on “Alice/Be Gentle With Mother dance”

In a time when the empowerment of the female voice is of the utmost importance, Femme celebrates the allure, strength, courage, and beauty of womanhood. The ballet pays homage to those incredible women on whose shoulders we stand.

Nicole Clarke Springer


For general inquires and information, feel free to contact us at:

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