Dance Choreography

From her Choreography for Femme, with music by Nina Simone. A wonderful exploration of the human condition, from a spirit of truth and humility, with such technical prowess is simply breathtaking to with artists such as Roberta Flack in Kevin Iega Jeff’s Flack as well as Jennifer Holiday in the world-renowned Penumbra Theatre’s Black Nativity. In 2013, Nicole was named Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre’s Emerging Choreographer for the program Generations.

In dance, choreography is the act of designing dance. Choreography may also refer to the design itself, which is sometimes expressed by means of dance notation. A choreographer is one who creates dances. Nicole Clarke-Springer has been that type of designer for many years.

In a time when the empowerment of the female voice is of the utmost importance, Femme celebrates the allure, strength, courage, and beauty of womanhood. The ballet pays homage to those incredible women on whose shoulders we stand.

Nicole Clarke Springer


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