My Philosophy

At Nicole Clarke Springer’s Studio, we will stay enthusiastically involved in your development and future. I have many times over experienced the great exhilaration and deep sense of honor, that I believe every artist experiences, when the lights dim, the curtain opens, and the spotlight is on you, or your dance troop. I also know the sense of accomplishment that takes place when one can walk away with the astounding feeling of ”Job Well Done”. We are committed to your success.

Our commitment is to enhance your professionalism and presentation in performing arts. Whether you are in need of a creative choreographed dance programme for Theater, Community, School or, in need of further development as a Master Dancer, our program can help. I have found in my career as a “Master Dancer” that commitment and dedication are essential to success.

Many great artists in the field of dance and choreography have stated that “professional dancing is one of the most important and rewarding ways to show personal artistic expression.”, in addition to being an extremely powerful road or avenue to develop discipline along with focus. Professional dancing gives you the ability to access inner feelings and becomes an extraordinary language of identity along with creative energy and self-expression. As a choreographer and Master Dance Instructor, I work with each client to assist them in finding that inner language your inner expression your voice through the language of dance and poetic movement. Our training program and processes are customized and built around the inner you.


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